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About us

Limited Liability Company «Engineering Company «Oil and Gas Technologies» was founded in 2003.

Engineering company "Oil and Gas Technologies" performs engineering and design, consulting, equipment procurement and supply, supervision and control over the construction progress at the project sites in oil and gas sector and municipal services.

The professional expertise obtained by our specialists over the years of work in the gas and oil industry, best practices of cooperation with foreign companies, extended networking with equipment manufacturers enable our company to operate at the highest engineering level in compliance with the requirements and standards of quality control system, standard ISO 9001:2008.

Our main activities include: 
    - mainstream and booster compressor stations;
    - underground gas storages;
    - development of oil and gas fields;
    - installations of oil and gas complex treatment;
    - gas processing plants;
    - gas liquefaction and separation units (methane, ethane, propane, butane, etc.);
    - oil depots and petroleum products storages;
    - oil and gas metering units;
    - petroleum refineries;
    - municipal services' objects
    - techno-economic researches, expertise of other organizations’ projects;
    - monitoring over installations in operation, providing recommendation on process improvement and reconstruction;
    - procurement and supply of equipment from and outside of Ukraine.
The experience and qualification of the specialists of Engineering Company “Oil and Gas Technologies” ensure provision of the services at the high level as follows:
     - elaboration of a feasibility study, business plan and investment project and a search for an investor;
     - engineering, including:
         • designing;
         • construction;         
         • supply of materials and equipment;         
         • erection supervision work;         
         • start-up works;
     - technical and commercial justification of equipment and materials, supply options comparison;
     - servicing and warranty maintenance;
     - personnel training.

Through implementation of new technologies and modern software our Company is ready to find the most suitable option to solve the tasks of the oil and gas sector.

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